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I never meant for this to happen.

I didn’t realize, at first, the hole I was digging myself into.

I was so desperate, so shattered, that I just grabbed onto the first shred of salvation without bothering to see what it was.

But the thing is with lies—once you start,
there’s no going back.

There is only so much a person can endure. And fourteen-year-old Tova is past her breaking point. Panicked at the idea of losing her only supporter, Tova makes a reckless decision—one that will have consequences she never imagined.

Can You See Me? is a breathtaking novella of betrayal, self-discovery, and forgiveness. Paired with six spectacular stories that capture the moments that define us, this collection is one that will touch the hearts of women of all ages.

Miriam Gitlin creates characters that look like you, talk like you, and feel like you. Her stories are easy to relate to, but impossible to put down. — Libby Lazewnik